Tree Service Central Coast NSW

About T&G – Tree Service Central Coast NSW William:  Okay, my name’s William Jones.  I’m a qualified arborist On Central Coast and I’m the owner of Tree and Garden Services.  So we provide mainly a tree pruning and tree maintenance services to residential and commercial properties mainly on the Central Coast.  We do have a […]

Root barrier installation

The benefits of root barrier installation Even though many great benefits come with planting trees in your garden or on nature strips, there are also some disadvantages to consider. One of these is root growth. Even in normal weather conditions, Australian varieties of trees and shrubs use large quantities of water. When the soil becomes […]

Tree Removal – How Much Does it Cost?

Many factors will influence the quote you are given to remove a tree. The primary factors that we will consider are the size of the tree, the location and the risk to our arborists in removing the tree. As a resident on the Central Coast, you can budget between $300 to remove a small tree, […]

What is the Correct Tree Pruning Technique?

Tree branches should always be pruned back to the branch collar. The branch collar is the area of tissue around the base of the branch. It is usually identified by a distinct collar of built up wood around the branch base. Some tree species have more distinct collars than others. The branch collar provides a […]

Central Coast Council Tree Removal Policies

Central Coast Council and Tree Removal Rules Why do we need rules to protect our trees? We have incredible indigenous flora in Australia, and they form parts of habitats essential for wildlife and the health of our environment. Tree roots also play an important role in maintaining soil health and the integrity of the landscape. […]

Central Coast Council Undesirable Species List

The removal of trees on this list are exempt from Central Coast Council approval however evidence of the species will need to be retained. See councils exempt works evidence form here. Photographic evidence including: Photo of tree (whole tree) Close up of bark, flowers, foliage, and fruit. (Fruit & flowers may not be present). Resident […]

COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

COVID-19 Business Continuity Policy Important Update: COVID-19 T&G Tree Service remains open and we have been actively monitoring Government and World Health Organisation (WHO) advice regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus). We want to take a calm and balanced approach, while implementing meaningful actions that prioritise the health and wellbeing of our people, customers and the community. Protecting […]

What’s New this Spring?

Council Tree Policy Updates Wyong Council has updated their tree policy to align with Gosford. What does this mean for your trees? Read More   T&G has a new drone We now have a smaller drone that allows us to access the internal tree canopy for easier aerial tree inspections. Arborist Inspections start at $99. […]

Aerial Tree Inspections

Welcome to the new world of tree inspections. Get close up and personal with you tree via our new drone which allows fast and easy access to the canopy.   You’ll be surprised at what we find! Tree inspections using the drone start at just $99 – includes photos and basic tree report.  

Trees May Fall

Be Tree Smart…. One still quiet and sunny day last week I was taking a walk with my kids along Reserve drive in Bateau Bay on the Central Coast NSW. We noticed a few people standing around a car in the distance. As we got closer (and looked up) we could see why……a large tree […]

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