Tree Services

Our business is trees, so we do just about anything that involves your trees. From arboricultural advice, safety assessments and planting to pruning, care and removal, our tree service on the Central Coast is available seven days per week.

tree removal

Tree Removal

Whether we are lopping trees or removing them, we have extensive experience in rigging trees using ropes, cranes and even helicopters. Tree Removal...

stump grinding service

Stump Grinding

We provide a range of stump grinding services across the entire Central Coast region. We use the latest in equipment and machinery to remove stumps all of sizes. Stump grinding...

emergency tree service

Emergency Tree Removal

We are available for emergency tree work with a 24/7 emergency response unit. We can deal with storm damaged trees and any situation that needs an experienced arborist.

garden maintanance

Garden Maintanance

Is your garden taking up too much of your time to look after? Has your garden become out of control?We have the people, experience and equipment to handle any size garden.

land clearing

Land Clearing

We have excavators ranging from 5-20 tonne capacity and skid steer loaders with the necessary equipment to provide wide range of services.

tree pruning and looping

Tree Pruning

Professional tree pruning by experienced arborists – not just tree loppers. We take care of your tree to insure the tree is balanced and healthy. Tree pruning...

tree mulching

Tree Mulching

T&G Tree Services can assist with processing green waste, wood chipping and also supplying mulch for your garden. Give us a call for more information.

crane work

Crane Work

Using a crane is a much cleaner and more efficient method of removing a tree. It takes out a lot of the physical manual handling and can be a safer option for all concerned.

arborist reports

Report & Assessments

If you want a tree on your property pruned or removed, you may need to apply for approval from council. We will help with all assessments and reports.

tree retention and tree planting

Tree Retention

Not all trees that are considered hazardous need to be removed, providing that they can be made safe. Dead and hollowed out trees can provide habitat to wildlife.

Other tree services we provide:

Tree Maintenance

Tree pruning and cutting, tree lopping, tree surgery, thinning, shaping, hedging, pollarding, view pruning, utility clearing, power line clearing, root pruning, stump removal.

Tree Care Services

Arborist report, tree support services (cabling / bracing / guying), soil aeration, fertilising and mulching, tree protection zones, tree health and hazard assessments, root barrier installation, tree planting.

Other Tree and Garden Services

Installation of bird and wildlife boxes, installation of tree enhancing lights, installation of lightening protection for trees, garden maintenance, industrial rope access and rigging services, staff training in climbing and chainsaw operation.

We provide wide range of services. For a FREE QUOTE call us on 02 4384 6486