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Professional Arborist Reports and Assessments

Arborist reports are often required by councils for building permit applications, site consultations or tree management plans. If you want to prune back a canopy on your private property, or remove branches, you will need an arborist report to submit to your council too. The objective behind the inspections of trees is to prevent anyone from unwittingly removing or damaging trees.

You may also request an arborist report to check if a tree on the property is structurally sound to prevent potential injury or damage to your property. Checking the health and condition of trees is essential for all property owners. Knowing the health status of a tree allows you to make decisions about the plant’s treatment and management.

An arborist report is a legal document (essential to know as it will stand up in court). It is an official and verified analysis of the type and condition of trees. A tree inspection cannot replace an arborists report because although it involves examining and analysing trees, it is not an official report.

The arborist report will outline:

  • The health, value and life expectancy of a tree.
  • Hazards it poses to residents or property.
  • If it qualifies to be granted a tree removal permit by the council.

What is in an arborist report?

Depending on the intention and scope of the report, it will vary in detail and length. An arborist report may include the following:

  • The type of tree and origin. Arborists have studied arboriculture. They are familiar with all flora species, both native and non-native.
  • The size of the tree. They will use specialised equipment to measure the height and breadth of the tree. The report will include the DBH (diameter at breast height), the standard measurement for trees.
  • They will determine the age of the tree without cutting or harming it.
  • A health and condition assessment, including the SULE (safe, useful life expectancy), will be done.
  • It assesses the length of time that you can keep a tree with an acceptable level of risk. They will also provide clear recommendations for how best to remedy any health issues.
  • A Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) is defined as off-limits to construction because the location of roots is needed for the tree to remain healthy.
  • A Structural Root Zone (SRZ) is an area they will define around the tree trunk that must remain to ensure tree stability.
  • An Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA). It determines how a proposed development and the existing trees will co-exist and interact.
  • The arboricultural rating (the retention value) considers the life expectancy and contribution the tree makes to the locality. It is graded accordingly. The rating determines if it is acceptable to remove it.

Why choose us for your arborist report?

Our Central Coast arborists have the required level of qualifications to provide legitimate arborists reports. Before you hire a company to provide you with a report, always check their capabilities. Their arborist should have the necessary IV (5) arborists certification for official applications and processes.

Consider a site consultation with our team before you purchase a property. Our experienced arborists will help you get the most value out of your current or potential property. The report they put together will help you identify any issues or planning overlays that will limit your capacity to build.

A tree management plan will help you ensure the trees on your property thrive. Our arborists will recommend management strategies to do so. We also offer bushfire management plans. They have the specialised knowledge to advise you on caring for the trees on your property correctly. This may include advice on:

  1. tree pruning
  2. cabling or bracing
  3. treatment of pests and diseases
  4. soil conditioning
  5. removal of high-risk trees or strategies to improve safety

Need Arborist Report on Central Coast?

We can assist you with quotes if you a need Health and Condition Assessment for tree removal on Central Coast or an Arboricultural Impact Assessment when applying approval for building development.

We will schedule an inspection and offer discounts if more than one tree is assessed. Make sure you let us know the purpose of the report and the information required.

Our Central Coast arborists have the qualifications and experience to provide comprehensive tree reports for all council requirements and your private property needs. Contact us for an obligation-free quote.


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