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Garden maintenance will have a significant impact on the curb appeal, and therefore the value of your property. If your garden has become out of control, our garden services team can assist with overgrown yards, cleanups and green waste removal.

Ongoing garden maintenance will ensure your garden keeps looking good all year round. Not all homeowners have the time to give their garden the attention it needs or have the knowledge to know what to do to keep it looking in its prime. That’s where we can help.

Here are a couple more reasons for regular garden maintenance:

  • For healthy plants. Our garden maintenance team will look after your lawns, plants and hedges and make sure they are healthy and remain in good shape.
  • Health and safety. Ensuring your garden is clean and free of rubbish and waste is especially important if you have children or pets. A build-up of debris or garbage will attract pests to your yard and can lead to accidents.
  • Lifestyle. A garden that is well maintained is a beautiful space that the whole family can enjoy.

If you need garden maintenance on the Central Coast, let us help take the pressure off your to-do list. We will expertly maintain your garden, remove all clippings, and give you more time to enjoy your garden!

Our garden maintenance services

We work on all aspects of gardening maintenance, hedge trimming, small tree pruning and trimming and tree removal. Call us if you need a one-off garden clean up, or want regular maintenance including lawn mowing and edging, tree pruning, fertilising and mulching. We also offer irrigation solutions.

Gardening maintenance prices are based on the state of your garden and the size. Give us a call to schedule an inspection so we can offer you an obligation-free quote. Our full range of garden maintenance services on the Central Coast include:

Garden cleanups

Our friendly and efficient team will transform your overgrown yard into a safe space that you can enjoy. We will mow and slash overgrown spaces, clean up and remove all green waste.

Plant, hedge, shrub and tree trimming, shaping and pruning

Pruning involves removing portions of a tree or shrub that are dead or affected by pests, disease, and lack of sunlight. Regular trimming and pruning will promote healthy plant development and promotes the plant’s natural shape. Pruning also encourages healthy fruit and flower production. Regular pruning also prevents storm damage caused by broken branches.

Fertilising and mulching

Fertilisers contain nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. Plants need these for growth, repair, and proper functioning. Mulch, such as wood chips, is used to cover the soil to prevent weed growth, slow water loss, and avoid erosion. Both fertilising and mulching services are essential to keep your garden thriving.

Based On Central Coast and in need of gardening service? 

We offer more than expert garden maintenance services along the Central Coast. Our services extend to tree, shrub and hedging trimming, pruning, and tree removal with a team of qualified arborists and specialised equipment and experience.

If your garden is letting down the neighbourhood, our professional garden maintenance team is ready to help with a once-off clean-up or regular maintenance services. Give us a call today to discuss your garden maintenance requirements.


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