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Tree mulching Central Coast

Did you know tree mulching is an affordable and effective way to help your garden thrive? It helps soil retain vital moisture and nutrients and keeps it at the ideal temperature for plants and trees to achieve healthy growth.

Along with our quality arborist and tree removal services on Central Coast, we offer tree mulching services.

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How our mulching service works

Our Central Coast arborists are qualified, experienced and equipped with specialised tools and training to handle the mulching process from start to finish.

  • We source green waste, which may include byproducts from tree cutting or tree pruning.
  • The organic debris is broken down with an industrial wood chipper.
  • We apply mulch to your garden to create even coverage.

Wood chips can be a byproduct of the stump grinding process. When we remove a tree stump on your property, you will be able to use the leftover chips for mulch in your garden. Leaves, sticks, branches and other excess offcuts produced during our arborist services can also be sustainably disposed of in this way.

Your garden will love this natural and sustainable source of fresh organic mulch.

What is mulch?

Mulch can be made up of any organic material and is used to cover soil. High-quality mulch is made from wood chips. This can be sourced in a pre-packaged form from a landscaping business. Still, we recommend our customers use the fresh, organic, locally sourced wood chips we make using our professional wood chipping machines.

We also use excess tree and plant matter that is a byproduct of our arborist services, such as tree removal, hedge trimming, branch lopping and pruning. Because the wood chippings and plant matter are sourced from the Central Coast, they are compatible with your garden and beds.

Fresh mulch is ideal for keeping the soil moist. That’s why producing mulch on your property is the perfect solution. Excess organic material from other garden and arborist services is fed through our powerful wood chipper. Once processed, we can spread it over your garden.

Why mulching is beneficial

Trees in a natural forest have a canopy provided by other trees and a layer of organic material that keeps the soil shaded and cool. Trees in your garden exist in a much harsher environment. Roots prefer conditions that are moist and cool and they need plenty of oxygen in the soil. You can achieve these conditions with a good mulch layer.

We know that when the soil gets too hot, it dries out and begins to lose essential nutrients. A layer of mulch added to your garden beds or around a tree regulates the soil’s temperature by providing insulation. This prevents the root systems from being exposed to extreme temperature changes. It also helps retain moisture which creates the perfect conditions for your plants to prosper.

Weeds compete with your trees and plants for nutrients. Mulching prevents weeds from growing and spreading because it blocks their access to sunlight. They don’t have enough energy to push through the mulch. Our organic mulches will also create ideal conditions for insects that devour weed seeds.

With mulch surrounding a tree in your garden, you won’t risk damaging the bark anymore when using a mower or weedeater. Because with no weeds there, you’ll no longer need to use this equipment.

Mulch is also beneficial because it prevents runoff of soil and moisture caused by wind or rain. When it rains too hard, too fast, the soil structure gets flattened, which impedes the growth of roots. Mulch protects the soil structure around tree roots from becoming compacted by rain. It slows and spreads rainwater above this soil, allowing it to percolate into the ground at a more manageable rate.

Does your garden need mulch?

Your garden needs mulch if you want your trees and plants to grow more quickly and remain healthy. Get in touch if you live on the Central Coast, and we can chat about our tree mulching services. We’d love the opportunity to supply you with tree mulch to promote healthy plant and tree growth in your garden using fresh, organic mulch.

If we are already cutting, removing or maintaining a tree on your property, mulching is also a great way to recycle the organic waste from the services.

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