Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal 

A high-impact storm or strong winds can cause havoc on your property. A fallen tree will disrupt your day by blocking your movements. But it can also cause substantial damage to your house and put your family and pets at risk. Don’t take the risk of trying to sort it out yourself. No matter where it is located, we can help remove fallen trees with our emergency tree services.

We know that prompt emergency tree services are essential for our customers on the Central Coast. We’re on call 24/7 to help if weather conditions have caused:

  • Big branches to fall off trees
  • Split trees
  • Trees to uproot or blowdown

Attempting to remove trees or branches yourself can be dangerous. It can lead to falls from heights, branches falling on you and is particularly hazardous when working near power lines. We have the equipment, skilled and experienced teams and knowledge needed for the safe removal of fallen trees and branches.

Emergency tree services – why check your trees

When a property is hit with strong winds or rain, trees can suffer from sudden and devastating damage. While a tree that breaks or branches that fall can indicate the scope of damage, you can’t always tell the severity or long term risks by looking at the tree.

That’s why it’s essential to call our experienced tree arborists to assess a tree’s health and strength if it sustains damage. It may have survived a storm, but it’s important to check if damage incurred puts it at risk of breaking further or falling in the future. The safety of your house and family depends on you calling on our emergency tree services to check on your trees.

Our Central Coast arborists will assess if the tree needs trimming or other interventions to stabilise or strengthen it. If they feel it is too weak, they will remove the tree to protect your house and the goods on your property.

Why choose a tree removal expert

Our arborists have specialist training and knowledge to assess a damaged tree. Here are some reasons you need our tree storm damage removal services:

  1. We can do it safely
    Handling a damaged tree can be risky, and fallen trees are unstable and can roll, lean or shift when you climb on them. Our teams have the equipment needed to secure a tree, climb it safely if necessary and remove broken tree limbs without causing further damage. Partially damaged branches can fall at any time. We don’t recommend putting yourself in harm’s way.
  2. We can clean hard-to-reach areas
    The debris left after a storm can be pretty dramatic. From broken branches to piles of leaves and twigs, they can also cause considerable obstructions. This includes the matter that collects on your roof. We will be able to safely remove the debris from heights and areas close to power lines.
  3. We will identify trees at risk
    When we are called out for an emergency tree removal, we also assess all the trees in a yard. We can spot a tree with branches that have minor damage but are still at risk of falling. We will determine the strength and health of all branches and remove those that have the potential to fall and hit your car, house or power line.
  4. We will make your trees healthy again
    When branches break or trees split, the exposed areas begin to rot or deteriorate. These sections are prone to diseases and infestations. Once one tree is affected, those around it are also at risk. We will ensure all damaged trees are assessed and treated proactively to prevent this from happening.
  5. We will future proof your property
    By assessing which trees or branches pose a risk in future storms or high winds, we can advise you on the best option. In doing so, you can prevent damage from happening in future and minimise the clean up needed next time a storm hits.

A storm-damaged tree in your yard poses a risk to all the things around it and people who enter your property. We do our best to avoid removing a tree if we can, but safety is always our prime objective.

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Response

Storms, high wind and other events can result in the need for emergency tree services, including removing fallen trees or branches.

Whatever the time of day or conditions, we are on call for emergency tree work with our 24/7 emergency response unit. We can help with storm-damaged trees thanks to our experienced arborist crew. We also offer stump removal and stump grinding for all Central Coast residents and businesses. We will safely and efficiently remove fallen trees and debris from your property.

If you would like us to assess a tree’s current health in your garden, we can arrange an inspection. Better safe than sorry! If you have an emergency (power lines, a dangerous tree etc), please call now on 0402 418 017 or you can contact us directly here.

Areas Serviced

We cover a substantial area – we provide Emergency Tree Services Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter Valley, and even parts of Sydney.


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