Tree Pruning

What is tree pruning?

Home and property owners are familiar with the need to maintain gardens and lawns. However, trees are seldom given the same care and attention. We’ve offered our professional tree pruning and maintenance services to clients on the Central Coast for years. Our highly trained and qualified arborists can prune trees of all shapes and sizes – no job is too big or too complicated for us to handle.

Trees need maintenance

When a tree’s growth is not managed correctly, it can impact other plants’ health and success in the garden because it blocks sunlight.

A lack of tree maintenance also leads to branches with uneven growth patterns and directions and dead or broken branches that don’t look good and can pose a danger if they fall. Tree trimming is much like a haircut. Branches are cut to enhance the natural shape of a tree and improve its appearance.

Overgrowth will also affect a tree’s health, weakening it and making it more vulnerable to pests or disease infestation.

Tree pruning promotes healthy trees

An essential part of tree health and maintenance, tree pruning is used for:

  • Branch and foliage cutting, shaping and trimming to improve a tree’s appearance or reduce leaf litter.
  • Removal of dead branches to promote airflow and sun exposure allowing a tree to absorb nutrients more efficiently.
  • Removal of dead branches and foliage to remove excess weight and promote new growth and prevent disease from spreading.
  • Removal of overweight branches, trimming and lopping to distribute weight throughout the tree’s structure to reduce the risk of branches snapping or the tree breaking in heavy winds or weather.

Tree trimming is different from tree pruning. When we refer to it, we are talking about a minor reduction in the length of leaves and branches. Tree pruning covers broader aspects of the tree maintenance, including shaping, weight distribution, trimming and lopping.

Signs your tree needs pruning

If you are concerned about a tree on your property, we can inspect it and assess the tree health and other factors. These are common signs to look for that indicate your tree needs to be pruned, and why.

  • There are broken branches caused by storms or dead wood that could be hazardous if not removed.
  • Cracks appear in the tree’s bark that indicates it could be under stress or is diseased or rotting.
  • Crossed branches on fruit trees expose the interior of the branch and lead to decay.
  • When branches become too dense to see through they need to be pruned. High branch density leads to weak branches on the inside, making them vulnerable to damage.
  • Wild or untamed branches near a house or wiring pose a hazard.
  • The main branches of the tree will naturally compete for light. Pruning will ensure healthy branches are dominant, and you are not left with dead branches.
  • Evidence of disease or decay in the bark weakens a tree.
  • A tree growing in the wrong direction or is misshapen can be helped with regular pruning and prevent the development of heavy branches that could collapse in bad weather.

If your trees have any of these issues, you need a professional opinion, so give us a call 02 4384 6486. We will decide on the best course of action based on the tree’s location and the species. While most trees are best pruned in Spring, our arborists will inspect the tree and base their decision on multiple factors.

We’re ready to help

We offer a full range of tree services to our clients on the Central Coast, including mulch delivery, tree removal, tree pruning, lopping and trimming.

Our experienced and friendly tree maintenance team and arborists are ready to work with you to boost the trees’ health and life expectancy on your property.

If you are concerned that there are branches that look diseased or are heavy and may snap in a storm, please get in touch. We offer free quotes for all our customers and would love the opportunity to provide a health assessment of your trees and discuss any pruning and maintenance needs.

Branch Collar on a treeTree Pruning Vs Tree Lopping

Tree lopping is an old term many people use to describe the cutting, pruning or removal of trees. To many people it refers to the indiscriminate cutting of trees without the background knowledge of modern tree care or tree removal practices (arboriculture).
At T&G we are qualified arborists and our work is carried by skilled technicians that prune, lop or remove your tree in a safe, skilled and respectful manner inline with the Australian Standard 4373 – Pruning of Amenity Trees and the Code of Practice for Amenity Tree Industry.

You minimise financial risks

Tree removal is risky work. A professional arborist is covered by public liability and workers compensation insurance, giving you peace of mind.

If you are looking for tree care on the Central Coast, it makes sense to work with a professional arborist.

We can’t emphasise enough the dangers of cutting and removing trees by yourself. Safety risks range from minor cuts and falls to life-threatening head injuries and possible electrocution from overhead power lines. Instead, leave the work to the pros. We have the specialised gear, knowledge and equipment to remove trees safely.

Get in touch

We offer professional arborist services on the Central Coast. If you are concerned about a tree’s health on your property or have decided to remove a tree, we can help.

From tree health inspections to maintenance, pruning, trimming and disease management, through to safe and efficient tree removal on Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter and North parts of Sydney – we’re waiting for your call.


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